Kloppi the Red Train

Educational Animation Series



Hello everybody, I am Kloppi the Red Train.


Kloppi the Red Train is dedicated to the verb of “carry” all its existence. Contribution, entertainment, benefit, goodness … Carrying all of them to the world. Sometimes he takes someone to their distant home, sometimes accelerates to save someone else’s life, and sometimes he carries others to introduce new realms. And at some random times, it’s just that he carries it just for singing and having fun. Everybody in town loves Kloppi the Red Train. Who wouldn’t like to bear their burden without even saying ‘no’?

Created & Directed by Ehtiram Najafov
Graphic bible Miyu Nakashima
Writing director Vugar Hasani

Genre action, adventure, comedy
Format 96×5’
Seasons 1  now in production
© 2019 – Mikido TV – Najafov Digital – All rights reserved






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